Passion Project Blog Post #2

This is a general update for my passion project. I have been going to drop-in Jiu Jitsu classes once a week for almost two months now. I have also been watching videos uploaded to YouTube by Tenth Planet Brazilian Jiu Jitsu creator Eddie Bravo. Up to this point, I have enough BJJ experience and knowledge to test for a blue belt ranking. I was planning on being where I am a month from now, but I’ve been so motivated to learn BJJ that I’m a month a head of schedule.

I am now confident and comfortable enough with my Jiu Jitsu to post videos that demonstrate basic self defense techniques. Featured in these videos will be my roommate, and BJJ partner Kyle Robinson. Kyle has been attending the classes with me and has been an excellent partner and has been motivating me to practice. My plan is to upload one video a week until the beginning of December. If I’m feeling ambitious, I might upload a couple of videos a week.


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