Khan Academy -“Video tutoring for mastery”

Khan Academy is a non profit organization that creates lecture videos in all subject areas. In addition to making lecture videos, the site offers materials and resources for student learning, as well as resources for teachers. When one first enters the website, they are greeted with the following sentences: You only have to know one thing: “You can learn anything. Free for everyone. forever.” Immediately, the user feels the needs of the students come

A typical Khan Academy video is between 5-20 minutes. There is a voiceover and a blank page where the narrator is free to write and speak about any topic. The early days of Khan Academy focussed solely on math help. Today Khan Academy expands medicine, finance, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, cosmology, American civics, and much more.

I followed a chemistry video on “acids and bases”. His lectures are unlike any I have experienced in a classroom. Khan explains everything slowly, without missing steps, and carefully. If students do miss something, they can choose to watch the video slowly, or rewatch if necessary. Khan doesn’t bother using tons of jargon in his explanations as he knows students are using his platform because they are already confused with the material. The beauty in all of Khan’s videos is his ability to use real life examples in his explanations.

Salman Khan created Khan Academy in 2006, after realizing that he would not make his mark on the world by being the next Richard Feynman. He traded his physics equations for computer skills, and attended MIT for computer science. His lectures first launched on Youtube before expanding on his own website. Now his projects are funded by donations. Google has donated 2 million dollars and AT&T has donated 2.25 millions.



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