Passion Project Post #4

This week I am starting to post videos demonstrating common self-defense moves in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Over these two months, I have been learning common techniques in “sport” Jiu Jitsu. The techniques in sport Jiu Jitsu are complicated to describe to people who don’t practice the martial art. If I tried to demonstrate these moves, the audience watching the video would need a lot of background knowledge of the various positions. For every offensive move in BJJ there are dozens of counters moves.

By posting self defense videos, I can describe scenarios that people who are in danger might encounter. The following video describes a common submission called the armbar. The armbar is best executed from the “mount” position. From the mount, you render your opponent defenseless, as all of your weight is pressed onto your opponent’s hips. This is their center of gravity, and by sitting on their hips, you limit your opponent’s range of motion.